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Tuatahi Apartments, Auckland

Tuatahi Apartments, Auckland


Reality for architecture is changing.

Before a building gets built a model is made. Today, nearly every building under construction is modelled using 3d software. It is then cut into 2D information to be used for construction and sales purposes. 2D renders are generated and floor plans are exported, these are currently the tools of the sales people.

For those of us who cannot read blueprints, models have proven to be an invaluable communication tool. And up until recently, they have been physical, scaled models.  

Here at Ascend Reality, we are changing that limitation by going digital. By utilising Mixed Reality, we provide the best user experience possible. Providing a tool that will show buyers their future home in a full 3D immersive experience.

The GIF above is a simple example of a digital model that exists in a real space, capable of being viewed from any angle. Just like a physical model.